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Tech Shield Cleaner & Repellent

Amazing Tech Shield is a new “2 in 1” 3D Nano-coat cleaning/coating technology that was specifically designed for high end technical surfaces. It effectively & easily cleans and protects all glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, LCD screens, laptops, cellular phones, IPad’s, tablets and more to a streak free shine without leaving any residue! Tech Shield also protects technical surfaces with a nano scale “barrier coating” that resists the build-up of water, soil & stains…dust, oil, smudges & fingerprints.

Tech Shield keeps technical equipment looking like new! It is surfactant, solvent and voc-free, non-toxic to users & environmentally safe.

(Available in: 4 fl. oz. size/ 120ml & 8 fl. oz. size/ 240 ml )

For SDS information, please call 1.800.528.3149