What is Tech Shield®?

It is an ultra-thin, polymer coating that is specifically formulated to be applied like a polish to make glass (porcelain & ceramics) water, soil, and stain repellent.

How does Tech Shield® work?

The unique, invisible “Glass Shield” polymers chemically bond with glass to form a coating that is water and soil repellent, durable and optically clear.

How long will Tech Shield® last?

Like with all coatings, durability depends upon the quality of the application, the degree of exposure and the amount of abrasion to which the surface is subjected. It will last up to 6 months on a shower door, and can last for years on windows, solar panels, sky lights, facades, partitions, toughened glass, mirrors, and lighting fixtures.

What is 3D Nanocoat Technology?

3D Nanocoat Technology is the latest breakthrough from the scientists at Unelko. Unelko’s nanocoat technologies…including the all NEW REPEL™ products clean & simultaneously provide a nano-scale barrier coating that shields & protects glass against staining and build-up.

How do Unelko’s water beading technologies save time & labor?

Unelko’s technologies resist soiling, staining, etching, weathering, water spots & prevent mineral build-up because of their super-hydrophobic barrier coatings. Periodic cleaning & maintenance is a breeze with Glass Science products and can be reduced as much as 90%.